iDry - iDrown - iDroid? I tried!

an iPhone ain't no seahorse

yesterday I went kitesurfing and - somehow subconsciously I had already expected this when I jumped into my boardshorts in the morning - iForgot my iPhone in the side pocket of the boardshorts. I realized this when the wind was pretty good and I was having a good time - thinking "what time might it be?" - "where's my phone anyway?" - FREEEZE - NOOOOOO! WTF!?


you're in africa

hakuna matata

talk to people - find the local phone clinic - see what they can do - pray to god - and don't worry!


Mr. Fred Perry to the right and his clinic - all you need!

Mr. Fred Perry to the right and his clinic - all you need!

He opened the thing within 5 seconds and said: "I see 30% hope" - not too bad I was thinking. "Give me one hour." - so we agreed that I'll be back. 

"There is a light at the end of the tunnel." he told me when I returned later - but he needs to find a charging cable first to see if it comes back to life.

I asked him about the price of the whole procedure "just gimme a rough number"

"not much, don't worry!"

"I like numbers anyway"

"Really - not much - we will talk and it will be an open discussion"

"Okay, I am looking forward to that, but by the way: I will pay based on success"

"no problem!"

sawa sawa - hakuna matata

He would need another night for the phone to dry completely and to find a charging cable to check the battery ("she's not doing well") - we agreed that I come back today in the morning. Ali the boda-boda driver was doing the best business of his career I'm sure - driving me back and forth again and again.

anyway, see you tomorrow - I'll bring a camera for sure - I liked that 2 sqm shop by now!


all set for surgery

all set for surgery

today I came back to check on that light at the end of the tunnel

when I arrived he told me that he had to order a battery at the airport in mombasa and it would be coming today - but the  sign had appeared when he plugged the cable, now that's what I call a bright light at the end of a tunnel - hehe!

he was apologizing for the battery as it would cost 1'500 KSH ($15) but i would need to pay only if the phone would work - nice doing business like that.

so ... tonight I will have to go back (Ali will be ready to drive another time) - inshallah the thing will come back to life or at least I will be able to pull a back-up from it before it finally dies - I need a bigger screen anyway in order to fly my drone without crashing ... ha!

Mr. Fred Perry's view

Mr. Fred Perry's view