city walk


Kampala is the city of hills - it was actually founded on 7 hills if I recall correctly - almost playing in the same league as ancient Rome, right? ;-) (last year i had a tour through the Ghadaffi Mosque and my guide tought me a lesson in Kampala history - that's where I draw all my information from!)

so yesterday I was going to Kololo Hill which is apparently the highest one of them according to my - very short - internet research

Kololo hill is an upscale quarter - all the private residences of different ambassadors are sitting there, grabbing the best of the views (Kenya, Saudi Arabia, you name it!)

I drove with my boda boda guy until we reached a dead end and on the right side was this abandonded villa. I thought it was abandonded at first. so I went up there thinking this might be the perfect place to shoot a city panorama during sunset.

I realized the place was not abandonded but rather annected by some people - they just occupied this huge raw deteriorated building in the middle of this posh quarter - pretty cool!

I went to the kids who played and asked them if I could go up on the roof terrace and one of them showed me the way - i wish i had taken more pictures but I felt a bit sneaky already. 

on the roof terrace a woman was doing the laundry and the view was amazing! perfect to shoot a sunset. 

I didn't make it back there yet, but hopefully will do it on my next visit to kampala in a couple of weeks.