Koboko - Malaria Test

today I went to get a malaria test done cause i was feeling not well and usually it's a good thing to get an early test to have clarity - no big deal actually. my colleagues recommended the 'carlos medical centre' in downtown koboko, so I took a boda-boda taxi and drove over there. these clinics are usually quite good although coming from a western country in the beginning you are a bit confused. so here it is:

carlos medical centre koboko - the one and only!

inside it's a casual atmosphere - like always - and you hang out a bit until your finger gets stinged and they take some blood droplets to check for the malaria dudes under a microscope. smear test it's called and you get the results after 25 minutes already.

the pink courtyard - some laundry is being done - no fuzz

the lab (where the magic happens)

now, that being done you need to spend the next half hour somewhere so i decided to check for a place outside to have a cup of coffee or tea - and luckily (as always) - there's a joint right across the street:

the unnamed breakfast joint - here we come - looks pretty decent

I ordered a tea with lemon and sugar (lots!!) and as soon as you pull out a camera the action starts - a lot of laughing, giggeling, talking. the boda guys from across the street started yelling 'ohhoh muzungu! kammera! ayaayayyyy!' and so on .... business as usual. you have to take the heat, there's no way around it.

the tea was delicious, the offered cow-foot soup I declined ('sorry - too early'), the twenty minutes passed within no time and I asked the lady if she could take a picture of me in her joint. she agreed and with her holding the camera in the hands the guys from across the street got even more exited, most probably telling her that she should marry me immediately.

happy customer

back at the clinic things were still going slowly slowly (but steady) and my results were ready. no parasites found - all good!

riding back to my place