recovering from malaria


What I really like about staying in a subsaharan city like Nairobi or Kampala is the fact that even if you stay at home you have a chance for some wildlife photography. 

I had to stay in bed for a whole week now due to various health issues (the major one malaria) and I could only stare out the window at the pretty boring facade of the opposite building (for architecture shots these places mostly suck unless you are digging a rather trashy style - mirror glass is all I'm sayin'!)

... anyway ...

so I saw this bird flying through my field of view every now and then - it's red beak even cought my attention when not looking straight out the window. usually I was too slow (and too weak) to react quickly enough but in the course of the week I prepared my camera and today I placed it in an easy to reach place.


arrived at his favorite spot

sharpening the beak

looking a bit grumpy

and off we go - this whole appearance was only for 17 seconds!

see my tail light folks